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I want people to know that in 2016 and 2017 Ezra Caleb was used by YAH to be a great blessing to this ministry and together we ministered side by side.

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“Bone Of My Bone, Flesh Of My Flesh” Poem

YAHUSHUA told me to add to this message on this march 7th 2019. It was three Years ago today that Ezra Caleb came into my life and this ministry. Ezra Caleb said that when he first read the poem of bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, we both knew it was him that YAH had prophesied in 1997. One of his favorite things to do, and mine, was to read this prophetic poem. He would put both our names in it.

This from Prophecy 139:

This poem is a Prophecy and is a promise to my sisters in YAHUSHUA —who although they gave their mind, body, spirit, and souls to YAHUSHUA, they are still held captive in abusive marriages or held captives by memories of of an abusive marriage that were ordained in hell. Only YAHUSHUA can set you free from those that inflict or had inflicted great wounds to your mind, body, spirit and soul. This is your promise and my promise, where you have known the worst you shall know the best.

I awoke with the LORD YAHUVEH speaking these Words to me, “I sent you Pastor Harry Regan. In four seasons you will know as confirmation. He fasted so you would hear…”

The LORD told me to “Get up and write them down.” ABBA YAHUVEH gave me this poem to write, as GOD spoke to me in a dream, awakening me with the Words of the poem below. I thought these Words were just a promise to me. Now I know they are for ALL my sisters, in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, who have walked in the shoes I have walked.

This is a promise from GOD given to me, and I now share it with those who wait for the best in a GOD ordained husband, where they have known the worst sent from hell. Read this and claim this as your promise.

The men who are ordained for these women know this: you have a woman coming that has survived the fiery furnace and came out purer than gold. She will appreciate you in ways a woman who has never suffered in the ways we have could appreciate a godly husband. If anyone wants to share this at their websites just write me and let me know. To YAHUVEH be the praise, honor & glory!

It was in the summer of 2018 where problems started to arise.

Ezra Caleb, thus saith YAHUVEH, it took 6 days for the CO-CREATORS YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and RUACH HA KODESH to make this world and yet Ezra Caleb, you have felt insulted with the title co-leader when I called you to minister by Elisheva’s side as husband and wife. So therefore I YAHUSHUA ordered her to remove your name Ezra Caleb (as co-leadership) off the front page. Ezra Caleb you are not the head leader of this Ministry. The Holy GODHEAD YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the RUACH HA KODESH are the HEAD LEADERS of this Ministry.

Before a wife can submit to her husband and obey him, he must first submit to YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the RUACH HA KODESH. Ezra Caleb, you have accused Elisheva of not submitting to you because she refuses to place you above I YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA, and the RUACH HA KODESH as the head of the ministry. You have accused her of being a disobedient wife for not submitting to you. I YAHUSHUA am her FIRST husband and I have tested her words. For you both have spoken before the world that you would never place each other before the HOLY TRINITY. Elisheva has proven this. Although she does not wish to offend you, she obeys I YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and the RUACH HA KODESH.

Everyone reading this will be put to the test to see if they will do the same. For you never love the gift more than the giver of the gift. Tremble oh Ezra Caleb, Tremble. For you have made I YAHUVEH angry. You have made YAHUSHUA angry and you have made IMMAYAH angry. For I gave you your wife Elisheva as a gift. You were both called to teach and minister together preaching salvation and the new blood covenant of the TRUE HOLY LAMB of YAH YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

Tremble Ezra Caleb, Tremble. Where are all the prophecies that were meant to be translated to hebrew? Why did you begin a good work in translating the prophecy to hebrew and then stop? Your sister who lives in Israel was willing to help you and does not know YAHUSHUA like you do. What an anointing it would have been if you had just continued.

Do you not wish to save your people? MY people? Are you ashamed of ME? Do you fear man more than I YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH? All these years I have waited for you to translate MY HOLY Prophecies into Hebrew and where are they? How can you reach Israel? Do you think that you can do this all on your own?

Do NOT fear what man can do to your body and nothing to your soul, but fear what I YAHUVEH can do both to your body and soul. Why do you not preach Salvation? Just as easily as I have shut this door right now by removing you from the leadership, just as easily I can open the door again if you will but obey. You speak of obedience, you must first be the example Ezra Caleb. Tremble Ezra Caleb, Oh Tremble. For you will be held accountable for much. You, and no other man or woman will ever be the head of Amightywind Ministry. It will always be the HOLY TRINITY. When you begin to think this and place yourself on a pedestal, WE THE HOLY TRINITY WILL KNOCK YOU OFF! You will realise that WE chastise harshly the children WE love.

For this has nothing to with the love that you both have for one another, it has to do with the love that you have for US the HOLY TRINITY. YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the precious RUACH HA KODESH SWEET HOLY SPIRIT. For your love for US will be tested to see whether WE are First in your life and love, or if we are secondary and below.

For those of you reading, you too shall be tested whether you love US the HOLY TRINITY and if WE are truly FIRST in your life and love. Tremble Oh Ezra for you are going to be held accountable for all the tears that your one and only wife Elisheva has shed and every cry that has come before this throne from her mouth asking Daddy YAH Why? You listen to visions that puff you up with arrogance, pride and idolatry. The visions were sent from the devil, for these are messengers of the devil. The ones that you call your spiritual children have a form of Godliness, but no Godliness within.

I have told Elisheva to prove in video how they even shapeshift. They once had diaper salvation and now you are surrounded by fallen angels as you rebuke Elisheva for warning you, “Do not listen to the false visionaries for they are practicing the occult.” She warned you what Christina Gunther (D’vorah), Shengya Pu (Hannah), Donovan Todd (Shimshon) and all those who surround you right now were doing. They witness and worship you like the golden calf and WE the HOLY TRINITY SAY YOU DISGUST US! For you treasure the Prophecies and you say that they were like unto jewels as Elisheva spoke forth the Holy Prophecies you would scribe them with your own hand so that you could study them later.

Now instead you surround yourself with those you call your spiritual children who knowingly practice witchraft and opened their third eye. Where do you think these visions and dreams come from? Why do you think they want you to believe that you are more than a mere man saved by the blood of YAHUSHUA? I YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH deafen OUR ears to Christina’s song. For WE know the true spirit that is within all of them, the men and women that Elisheva warned you to run from as they try to out vision one another. This goes for, Tatiana Harvey Williams, Alias: Tatiana Cameron (Bat’El) and Rickey Williams, Alias: Rickey Cameron (Avi’El), Jason Benn (Avichai) and Stephen Rossi Jr (Natan’El), oh what you have done. Ezra Caleb you teach from ancient books [some were good and some were bad] instead of the scriptures with the testimony of YAHUSHUA.

Tremble oh Ezra Caleb for you have taught the men and women, that small group that surround you to memorise hebrew words that are nothing more than repetitious words. They do not come from the heart or soul and your hebrew words will not bring any of them to salvation.

This is not an Orthodox Jewish synagogue oh man of Israel. For you have a spirit of religion, which is the spirit of the pharisee now and you would rather teach the torah portions rather than teach and have them memorise English scriptures in the new testament with the testimony of YAHUSHUA.

You rebuke Elisheva when she warns you about the third eye and you allowed the third eye to be opened in you. This is why you no longer can be part of the leadership until you confess everything you have done to I YAHUSHUA and your wife Elisheva. I YAHUSHUA compel you to come back to ME. Teach of ME once again. Remember when you gave everything up for ME? All of your wealth? Remember when I brought you to Elisheva on March 7, 2016? And I am the one that gave you the desire for this holy woman now called your wife and to be a helper in leading souls to I YAHUSHUA, side by side where the two anointings I joined together became one.

Please click the image below to view the video “The Two Anointings Become One!”

The Two Anointings Become One!

Oh beloved son I YAHUSHUA ask you, where is that holy husband? Where is that holy anointed man who I commanded before your wife Elisheva prophesies in public?I have you rebuke the reprobate enemies and all forms of those who attack with the occult. I anointed you to protect her with those holy tongues and now you surround yourself with her very enemies and feed off of a banquet table of their dreams and visions that satan prepared for you so you would fail the mission you and her were sent to earth to do.

I YAHUSHUA remind you, Matthew 21:13, And said unto them, It is written, MY house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

And you know Ezra Caleb, without publicly rebuking you why I give you this scripture and what I will do with MY whip in heaven. It will be like unto pieces of the thieves flesh being torn off.

For I remind you thieves in the torah, thou shall not steal and when a thief steals they will give back 7 times what was stolen. Oh MY beloved son, Ezra, MY Caleb. Remember when you said out of all the 7 spirits of GOD, the one you feared the most of losing was the fear of YAH, I YAHUSHUA, and the RUACH HA KODESH IMMAYAH. Come back to ME oh Ezra MY Caleb, and come back again and weep and mourn. Fall on the floor before ME. Only through MY name and blood can you be forgiven.

You must show Israel how to repent. For no one has truly taught you. You must teach Israel in a public video what it is like to be humbled by I YAHUVEH, I YAHUSHUA and the RUACH HA KODESH and WE stomp on the demonic spirits of narcissism, arrogance, pride, idolatry, stubborness, the demonic spirit of pharisee and rebellion. I YAHUSHUA will not name any more.

Run back into MY arms and repent before I YAHUSHUA and your wife. You know MY Ezra Caleb, I YAHUSHUA, I AM the only WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, that you can come before the FATHER YAHUVEH through ME. I YAHUSHUA command you, repent of your sins today as I publicly rebuke you for what you have done to Elisheva Eliyahu, for you know that I called you to this ministry and you know the reason I have put you together as one anointing, as husband and wife.

I sent you with a prophecy at the first time Elisheva spoke to you through Skype and I put the words in your mouth and prophesied out of you, “What YAH has put together, no man would divide.” MY beloved son Ezra Caleb, you must walk in the spirit and not in the flesh, and yet all I see is a showman spirit. You are entertainment for the devil right now as you surround yourself with the enemies of Elisheva who still claim they belong to ME. You have no discernment or you would not be where you are.

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Return again MY son, to the fear of I YAHUVEH, because you do not want to taste the wrath of the LAMB. How much do you want to be MY bride everyone reading this? For I YAHUSHUA ask another question, how many want to be a guest at the marriage supper of the lamb? This is the only alternative. The other is hell and the lake of fire. I ask you MY beloved son Ezra Caleb. Remember your promise to ME years ago? I gave you a virtuous wife who walks in integrity and purity of heart. Can you say the same?

To everyone reading this, Today is the day of Salvation, for MY coming is so short now, for such are the days as Noah and Lot, so it is here again. I YAHUVEH will not apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah nor the 7 cities that I destroyed. I ask you Ezra Caleb, where is the teaching against homosexuality?

The clock is ticking Ezra Caleb. Everyday. You know you feel the conviction. You know that you’re on the wrong path. Run away from the demonic spirit of the pharisee, with prophecies from Elisheva in Israel, I warned you that you would have to sort out doctrines of demons, books you have studied in the Yeshiva school and also the false prophets that you listened to because of your itching ears. You need to humble yourself and admit that you have been wrong. For you have little discernment. And MY beloved son you are so young in ME whereas Elisheva has been serving ME for half a life time.

Remember when she asked you when you first spoke on March 7, 2016, the proof is in the video when two anointings become one. Elishevasaid to you, “Ezra, would you learn from a woman?” You just smiled and did not answer the question. Instead you replied, “Elisheva, would you learn from a man?” She laughed and said of course. But do you not question the reason why you said you pull my leg and I’ll pull yours, which meant you did not take this seriously, to humble yourself to learn from this anointed woman I gave you as your wife.

Oh MY dearest beloved son, if you would have just laid down your arrogance, stubbornness and pride, you would not be in the spiritual condition you are in now..

I will not allow the prophecies to be held up much longer. I will raise somebody up to take your place. The clock is ticking. Do NOT delay. Swallow your pride, humble yourself. I Prophesied that you had a spirit like unto King David, now prove it.

King David and Moses knew how to touch the heart of YAH by their repentance. There was no doubt of the sorrow they felt when they sinned. I command you Ezra Caleb, I YAHUSHUA command you, the Caleb that is locked within you knows MY voice. He is the man where I spoke that Elisheva will know the best in a husband where she had only known the worse like a curse. You are that man Ezra Caleb and you’re already in the prison that was in her dream. Look around you. See the destruction all around.

I will forgive you if you will repent like King David did pleading for the life of his son. Elisheva will forgive you when she sees that same weeping as like you did in Israel, as you sobbed before her over a confession that you gave her that she holds secret in her heart. Tic toc tic toc. Remember Ezra Caleb when I would say give me your watch? Now I give you a warning. Do not procrastinate the private video to her as you come before ME and list all the sins you want MY blood to cleanse you of.

I did not bring you to her, and I did not bring you to this ministry for any other purpose than to be a blessing and to share the weight of carrying the cross together. I say pick up your cross and follow ME. Stop entertaining the devil and make him fear you once again, as you submit yourself to ME and rebuke the devil and he will flee.

I leave with these final words Ezra Caleb, remember when you said to her before witnesses, to everyone who watches your first video conversation, “ Elisheva it is like when I was born you were there with me.” This is the truth Ezra Caleb, and I call forth the Caleb in you. For you have loved each other for eons before you even came to this earth.

When you read this, instead of feeling angry, MY beloved son, you better fall on your knees and on the floor and crawl and ask forgiveness and feel the deep sorrow that you have caused Elisheva, and you have caused YAHUVEH, I YAHUSHUA, and the RUACH HA KODESH your IMMAYAH. And woe be unto you if you leave it this way, for I have removed your name for you have proclaimed to the world on the internet that you are the head of this ministry. Now today, you have felt what it is like to be publicly shamed so the demons will be weakened as you see I YAHUSHUA knock you off that self righteous, arrogant pedestal.

Ezra Caleb, don’t you ever try to muzzle MY Apostle Prophet Ringmaiden again. I command you stop the stonewalling with silence or I will fix your vocal cords where you will never speak again. You have done what no man or no devil could ever do and that is destroy what I built up and you know what I speak of.

MY last warning to you Ezra Caleb, if you continue to run from the mission I sent you on earth to do by her side, I will show you what it feels like to be swallowed by a whale like Jonah. You will think that you have been burnt by the stomach acid, as flames you will feel all over your body. That is who I compare you with now. You are like unto a Jonah. MY Caleb within you shouts loudly, YAHUSHUA save me from myself! Do whatever you have to do, but create in me a pure heart!

This is your scripture Ezra Caleb, read Psalm 51 and Jonah 2. And don’t just read it, you want to memorise something MY beloved son? Read Jonah 2:1-11. You want to memorise scripture MY beloved son Ezra Caleb, this is the one I command you to memorise along with Psalm 51. Once again I use a rebuking prophecy from your wife’s lips to you MY beloved son Ezra Caleb and you know MY voice and you dare not question whether it is I YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that is speaking forth. For Elisheva Eliyahu is not a false Prophet and you have been there for thousands of prophecies to know that this is the truth.

Ezra Caleb Don’t be a Jonah!

(Another prophet who is helping me post this; we only intended to edit only a few short words and now for the second time, in less than a day, two prophecies have come forth for Ezra Caleb. This is what she has seen as the last words were spoken, she sees YAHUSHUA blowing fire out of his mouth).

When Ezra Caleb gives the glory back to YAH and follows the instructions from heaven, he will make a public apology to all who have been offended. Ezra Caleb you need to return to the cross through the name and blood of YAHUSHUA.

Thus saith YAH, remember WE do this out of the great love WE have for Ezra Caleb as WE chastise him now publicly until he feels honored again when he is able on this front page to have the Title of co-leader again.

Thus saith YAH, there are prophecies being delayed because Ezra Caleb you are not allowing yourself to be humbled and admitting that you are in sin. You are like unto Jonah in the belly of the whale right now and I YAHUVEH say the clock is ticking. CALEB COME FORTH!

Please click the image below to view the video of Prophecy 94

Prophecy 94

We apologize for the old quality of this video as this video was made in 2009. The reason for our apology is that we are known for making high quality videos because of our anointed video makers, we Praise YAH for them. We are in the process of making updated videos. Thank you for understanding and YAHUSHUA bless you.

If you prefer to read the text please click here

And click here to read about the “Elsheva loves caleb dream”

My darling sweetheart love of my life next to ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the sweet RUACH HA KODESH IMMAYAH, remember when you were in Israel and I had to give you a prophecy of rebuke from YAHUSHUA? I started praying in Holy tongues and started speaking forth words and then I realised YAHUSHUA was going to rebuke you, so I stopped praying in tongues and instead prayed YAHUSHUA please don’t make me tell him that, for I feared losing your love. With every prophecy of rebuke even now, I fear losing your love. But YAHUSHUA tells me that I am to believe in faith that my beloved husband will love me more, not less.

I held back that word for three days and you knew I was holding back when we prayed until YAHUSHUA finally told me speaking loudly in the spirit, Elisheva open your mouth and pray in holy tongues and do not censor the words that I AM going to speak through your mouth. For this man has believed lying doctrines of demons that he has read and taught others from books.

I must rebuke him for he has no discerning of spirits. He is like a baby that does not know right from wrong and who is going to teach him if I do not use you now to speak forth MY words? I immediately asked YAHUSHUA for forgiveness and I said to YAHUSHUA speak forth the words you want me to say. I repent YAHUSHUA and I will not disobey.

Then I told you, Ezra, YAHUSHUA as you know wanted to speak a prophecy through me for 3 days but I know what happens when a prophecy can hurt someones flesh. I didn’t want to take a chance and lose your love, and I asked you for forgiveness for you asked me these three days what word I was holding back. Do you remember this my beloved husband? I know you do. So you looked at me and said, just tell me what YAHUSHUA wants to say.”

After I gave you the prophecy of rebuke from YAHUSHUA, you said something that I will never forget as YAHUSHUA now compares you to Jonah. My prayer is that you will respond to these public prophecies of rebuke with more love and respect for me than you had even before and you will stop the emotional abuse with your silence, for you are held accountable for every day that you have done it. I remember after I prophesied the first thing you did was humble yourself and you prayed asking YAHUSHUA to forgive you.

We prayed together and asked YAHUSHUA to forgive both of us. The next thing you did my beloved husband is you rebuked me lovingly, not in a stern voice, but, you let me know these exact words, “My darling Elisheva, the next time YAHUSHUA has a word for me, you release it right away. You do not leave me like Jonah in the belly of the whale. For three days I have had green whale goop on me, for I didn’t know what YAHUSHUA wanted to rebuke me for, and now I do. All I ask of you is don’t do this again. Trust in our love that we have for each other.”

Do you remember this my husband? Well on this day, Feb 24 2019, I have done what you asked me to do in Israel. For you are covered from head to toe as you have been with green whale goop. But so many times I did prophesy to you and I still am, but what can I do when you prefer to listen to demons giving you lying visions with mind control dreams from the others who are my enemies and yet you call them your spiritual children? So I trust in that love that you said would never die. I trust in the love where you said no one would ever divide us. But most of all I trust in the love of YAHUSHUA who says HE will never leave me nor forsake me. YAHUSHUA will never abandon me. HE is my bridegroom that cometh and I know that I am one of HIS bride.

I am a unique Prophet because anyone reading the prophecies including you know that with my own mouth, ABBA YAH YAHUSHUA has rebuked me. It keeps me humble. It shows the people, that none of us who walk this earth are perfect but ONE, and HIS name is YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

Now the test will be whether you will love me more for sparing you from getting anymore whale goop on you, for Ezra Caleb you know, you were closing your ears to any prophecy where YAHUSHUA was rebuking you. In fact, you would cross those words out before they were transcribed. You must repent Ezra Caleb of the spirit of pride. But the Caleb part of you is still that humble, holy, anointed man who I first spoke to on March 7, 2016 and anyone can see we loved each other instantly.

Please click the image below to view the video “Ezra mends Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu’s Butterfly Wings”

This is the humble Caleb that we wanted to pray back again

He stutters as he says he did not want to interrupt me. He was in Israel at that time. Please pray this humble Caleb back. This is the side I fell in love with.

I love you my darling husband. The Ezra part of you has gone astray, but YAH has said that Ezra is like the belly of the whale and inside that belly is the holy part named Caleb who even stuttered in our first conversation because his security was not in himself, it was in YAHUSHUA. I need my Caleb back and that means Ezra Caleb, you have to humble yourself and do some serious repenting so you don’t get any more green whale goop on you.

Remember when you told me, “Elisheva, do you know when Jonah was in the belly of the whale, the stomach acid had burned his body so badly that he didn’t even look the same?” And I told you I never knew that, but now I understand why the sun was torture to him as he sat underneath that tree (Jonah 4:6). Please my darling husband stop being a Jonah. I wait for my Caleb to come forth out of the belly of that whale. I wait for an ending to become a better new beginning (the words you taught me in March 2016).

Ani Ohevit, your one and only wife,

Elisheva Eliyahu, Feb 24 2019.

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